MiMasks now also available in black and blue

At MiMask in march we have successfully completed a major expansion of our factory's machinery, more than doubling our output capacity. Also, new packaging equipment now assures a hermetic sealing of all masks in plastic packaging, before getting put into our classic cardboard boxes. All mask packs pass an UV tunnel before being flow-packaged.

Also, you can nor recognize MiMasks by the logo on the upper left corner of the masks. This not only makes MiMasks stand out, but also helps in identifying the outer layer of the masks.

And last but not least: based on popular demand, we are now also offering MiMasks in 2 more colors, black (with black earloops) and light blue. Both colors have the same BFE capacity and comfortable feel on the face. Stay tuned for more colors in the coming weeks!

PS: check out our volume packs at discounted prices for our classic white surgical masks, type IIR. + masks + savings.

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